Cinnamon Rolls

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This past Halloween weekend, I went to Los Angeles to spend the holiday with my girlfriend and her two daughters, whom I affectionately call my stepdaughters. I’ve known them since they were 2 and 4; now they are 11 and 13! An old photo of the girls when they were around 4 and 2 years […]

Pizza Hut Clone Pizza

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For an update on this recipe, go here. The photos look better there; I promise!I was surprised at how good this tasted. The taste was very similar to that of Pizza Hut. I saw this recipe many months ago after doing a google search for pizza hut dough, but I never got around to making […]

Frontega Turkey Sandwich

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My craving for Panera’s Frontega Chicken Sandwich convinced me to make my first homemade focaccia bread. Well, yesterday, I decided to make a “Frontega Turkey Sandwich” by grilling two slices of the homemade focaccia with a few slices of turkey, cheddar cheese (Kraft deluxe), Hellman’s Mayonnaise, and sliced, pickled jalapeño peppers. It was so good […]

Two-Hour Focaccia Bread

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UPDATE: For an updated post about this fabulous bread with much better photos, go here. I was at Panera Bread ostensibly studying when I started craving the Frontega Chicken Sandwich, which is made with focaccia bread. In order to avoid spending money there, I decided to make my own focaccia bread at home. Before leaving, […]