Daring Cooks?: Creamy Mushroom Sauce and Homemade Pasta

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I wrote “Daring Cooks” with a question mark in the title because I didn’t really follow the instructions in this challenge (and I’m two days late!), but I was inspired by one of the dishes we were requested to make with one of the nut butters. The July 2010 Daring Cooks’ Challenge was hosted by […]

Chicken Carbonara

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Chicken Carbonara?! What?! But Carbonara is supposed to have guanciale (pork cheek), pancetta or at least bacon! Well, I didn’t have any of those items, and I was broke at the end of April, so I decided to improvise and use chicken strips in place of the traditional meat for this dish, and guess what? […]

Lasagne al Ragù

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More than three years ago, I joined an online weight-loss group on xanga.com. I had lost a lot of weight, gained it back, lost it again, and then gained it back. Through all of those ups and downs, I also had gained a lot of online buddies. Once I began to stray away from this […]


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I apologize for the photos. I’m still trying to figure out how to operate my camera and lens correctly… Barbara from Barbara Bakes asked me a question that had been burning my brain for a few days now. It was such a simple, innocuous question, but it did intrigue me. After making the homemade Italian […]

Chicken Spaghetti

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I’m leaving for Oklahoma tomorrow morning to spend Thanksgiving with my grandmother, mom, aunts, and cousins. I’ll be cooking the majority of the food since only one of all the aforementioned family members know how to cook. I don’t mind, though. I enjoy cooking and baking all of these goodies and knowing that they are […]