Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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I turned in my paper Sunday morning. My brain is fried. I missed blogging. Did you miss me? After spending hours and weeks on that paper, I just want to write simple, short sentences now. Funny how that previous sentence was pretty long. See? Brain. Fried.While working on my paper, I was craving cookies. That […]

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

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Sunday, February 7th, was….*gulp*…my birthday. Whew! There. I said it. I know my mom’s proud and shocked. It has taken me years to admit my birthday publicly to friends, students, and strangers. Usually I don’t tell anyone and don’t even celebrate the day of my birth. I also turn off my cellphone to avoid well-intentioned […]

Graham Crackers

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I made these graham crackers the other day to accompany another dessert I’ll be blogging about in fewer than 24 hours. (Post is now up!) To make things simpler, I’ll just post the recipe and process photos. These crackers came out great and tasted great! I love that they don’t require graham flour or wheat […]