Just another single, polyglot, xenophilic, Texan in the kitchen...

Just another single, polyglot, xenophilic, Texan in the kitchen...

Pizza Braid and My Makeshift Pizza Sauce

Remember the BBQ Chicken Braid I made? Well, I took out the other half of the dough from the freezer, placed it in the refrigerator overnight, and then let it sit out on the counter for more than an hour (I forgot it was sitting there!! Oops!).
I added my own pizza sauce to the base, grated some mozzarella cheese, and then added pepperoni, Italian seasoning, and more cheese on top. I then braided the bread and brushed olive oil on top. I didn’t to allow it to rise a second time because the sun was quickly descending, and it still tasted just fine.

Ah, lovely blue photos. *cry*

I actually enjoyed this one much more than the chicken one. Oh, it was so good. I dipped some of the braid in ranch dressing and some in marinara sauce. Both sauces were great complements to this dish. I can’t wait to make this dough again and try out more savory dishes!

Look at that cheese peaking out of the braid!! Oh goodness!!

The recipe for the bread, braid, and process photos can be found here and printable recipe here. What fillings would you like to try in braid form?
*UPDATE* Someone asked me to post my pizza sauce on here. I didn’t originally post it b/c it is so simple and I don’t ever measure it out. I will just tell you what I use:

Makeshift/Quick Pizza Sauce

One small can (6-8 oz) of tomato sauce
About 1 Tbsp or more of dried Italian seasoning
1/2-1 Tbsp of fresh or dry basil, chopped fine (I’m so glad I’m growing this stuff.)
1/2-1 Tbsp of fresh or dried parsley, chopped fine (I know the Italian seasoning has basil and parsley, but I like to enhance the flavor with more)
About 1/2-1 tsp of granulated sugar (to counteract the acidity of tomatoes)
1 tsp garlic powder (optional. I sometimes forget to add this.)
Salt to taste
Fresh ground pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl or the can itself and spread on the pizza dough. I never cook this sauce before adding it to the dough. It just isn’t necessary, and it’s quicker.

That’s it! Enjoy!

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Memoria James

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