Apple Breakfast Puffs

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Pioneer Woman calls these delightful muffins “French Breakfast Puffs” because she got the recipe from her French teacher in school. So, since I added apples to these addicting balls of bread and didn’t get these from a French teacher (well, not directly), I renamed them “Apple Breakfast Puffs”. I bet these would also be good […]

Carrot Cake Bars

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Since I was a child, I have questioned my biological relation to my mother because it seems like we are from different planets. I now jokingly tell her that she’s not really my mom and start listing reasons why: 1. She is an extrovert in any situation; I’m a major introvert around strangers. She claims […]

Apple Puff Pastry Tart

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Yes, I made more dessert two days after the pecanless pie. To my defense, though, the dessert was not for me. Saturday was Chuseok/Chusok (Thanksgiving Day) in (most?) Asian countries. My friend from Korea told me that she and another Korean friend would be celebrating this special day at the library where we were going […]

Pecanless Pie Tarts

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Many food bloggers are not fans of repeating recipes. I, however, am a creature of habit and repeat good recipes often (hence the reason I don’t post often). Why change a good thing? If I find a good go-to recipe for whatever I crave, I just make it. If a recipe is not satisfactory or […]