Quick Pan-Fried Salmon

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When my mother came to visit me for a few days, she purchased three packets of salmon. I told her that she shouldn’t buy salmon since she would have to keep them cold during her 8-hour trip back to Arkansas. She bought them anyway promising that she would keep them in a ice-filled cooler. A few hours into her car trip, she called me and said frantically, “I forgot to take the salmon out of the freezer! I left them at your house!” I laughed and said, “I told you that you shouldn’t have bought the salmon.” After I promised her I would eat the salmon for her so that they wouldn’t go to waste, she doubted me.

After I saw a quicker method of cooking salmon than the way I usually do it (oven-baked while wrapped in foil), I decided to try that out with one of the pieces of salmon. It was so good, that I’m going to eat the second piece of salmon today. Thanks, mom! 😀 I told you that I would eat it!

Quickie Grilled or Pan-Fried Salmon
adapted from Noob Cook

Ingredients (1 serving)

  1. 1 piece of salmon fillet
  2. Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, kosher salt, or organic sea salt
  3. Freshly cracked black pepper
  4. One or two herbs you have in the pantry (optional)
  5. 1/2 – 1 Tbsp of butter or olive oil


Pull out the bones from the salmon fillet using your fingers or a tweezer, or use the boneless variety, like I did. Season the fish with salt or seasoning salt, black pepper, and herbs.Melt a knob of butter and spread it evenly on the griddle pan (or use olive oil). Grill the salmon fillet, skin side down first, for about 4 minutes each side (or till lightly browned) over medium fire. I pan-fried my fish, and it was perfect!

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0 thoughts on “Quick Pan-Fried Salmon

  1. Okay, Mem, where did you get that salmon and what seasonings did you put on it? It really looks good and tasty! Yummy! Love the pics! You must have a great camera hehehehe :o)

  2. The salmon that I left at your house in your freezer looks so good! Ah, it makes me regret leaving it even more, but alas, I am glad you are eating it and not letting it get all freezer burned and going to waste! I am going to go get me some today (that is, if I can find any good-looking fresh salmond in this god-forsaken town), and I am going to prepare it the way you suggest too! In the meantime and in between time, enjoy the other two packats I left behind, but at least think of me with each delicious bite, okay? *sigh*:o) Love you :o)

  3. I love salmon.. it's so addicting!! You're so lucky your mom forget to take them..haha.

    Thanks for visiting. It wasn't the first time I made bread, but it was the first time I made challah so you didn't misread. I guess there isn't that big of a difference though..haha

  4. foodcreate- I'm glad you liked it! I think I ate this three days in a row! It's is so quick to make, yet so flavorful. I will surely visit your site.

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